Homespun Gathering

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Beautiful Bruises

Yes, beautiful.  Friday I went to Mom's to help her cut a branch to close to the electric line going out to the old emu barn.  I'm a little afraid of  heights but love my mom quite a bit so wasn't going to say a word.  She's not as young and spry as she used to be.   It never occurred to me climbing up into the tree on the less than rock solid ladder would have made me nervous.  Here we have Mom climbing down before we switch the ladder to the other side, and I sawed the branch off.  I will take this kind of life over city living any day.
Saturday morning while getting ready is when I saw them.  Those bruises on the inner side of my left arm and the scratches on my right forearm.  I was hanging on for dear life while sawing up a storm.  I bruise pretty easily, but as hard as I was holding on any normal person would have those same bruises.  

All I can think of when looking at the bruises is how blessed I am.  Blessed to spend time on the farm.  Blessed to have a body that can climb a ladder and cut a tree limb.  Blessed to still have my mom and spend time with her.  Blessed to have a good relationship with my mom.  Blessed to live close enough to come over as needed.  Blessed to have the incredible mom I have.  Blessed non-family would agree of my assessment of her.

Oh dear, it seems I've fallen into a stitching slump.  My stand presides over the living room as I look at it and don't stitch.  A needlefull here and there will get this thing done eventually.  Hopefully, sooner than later.
Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.