Homespun Gathering

Monday, May 28, 2018

End of the Year

The end of the school year has come and I am quite ready to have a recuperative summer.  This year I'm doing no volunteer activities which will help with this, but in their place I will be actively working on sprucing up our home and property along with regular lawn/field maintenance I will do at our house and Mom's.

First up, preschool has ended for the year, and I'm so blessed with the students and parents I have each year.  Any stitching teachers out there know that once the classroom closes the needles are ablaze with a flurry of activity because come August/September your priorities are rightfully elsewhere.

High School is now complete for our son.  He graduated last Thursday.  Hooray!

We arrived really early for a good seat, and for our viewing pleasure the JumboTron had a slideshow of each senior with a "baby picture".  Our baby still eats pasta this way.  Could it be all the noodles I ate with him while we were in Japan?

One of the joys for our son was singing in his school's Honor Choir for four years.  Judging from all the caps and gowns, the choir may be significantly smaller next year, but Mr. Gority has always done such a great job with his students, and this choir was such a pleasure to listen to.

We were blessed with beautiful sunshine and temperatures that weren't overly ambitious.  What a joyous occasion.

This Month's Gathering

Our Homespun Gathering was the 19th, and I made cucumber sandwiches with a sweet whole wheat bread spread with a mint compound butter.  I thought it was so appropriate considering American Megan was marrying into English royalty.  I was thrilled to see even just a smidgen of the veil stitched by masters at the Royal School of Needlework.  What a beautiful wedding.  Don't you think?

I have been working on my real first quilt for four years now.  I've forbid myself to purchase Stacy Nash's Miss Baxter's House until it is pieced, hand quilted and bound. sigh.  The good Lord has prompted me a bit.  Jane was working on Miss Baxter's House, and my breath caught when I saw it.  The design is beautiful, but the colors are just stunning in person.  I really tried not to make a scene with staring and drooling.  Play it cool, Judy.  

In case you are wondering, Jane has used all the called for floss and fabric.  While I did buy the floss a couple of years ago I haven't yet bought the linen or chart. It's time to start piecing the top again so I can start working on Miss Baxter's House.  She really is lovely.

Miss Baxter's House
Stacy Nash

Jane typically stitches things that are finished into something other than a frame.  Think needlebooks, sewing rolls, trays, etc.  She does all the finishing and typically has several lovely things FFOed when we meet at the Homespun Gathering.

The last couple of Gatherings, she has had her berry tote filled with some drool worthy projects.  I have so many smalls in my files waiting to be stitched.  Dare I say it?  I'm getting a little burnt out on large projects, and I would love to have a collection like Jane's.  I think that is the plan.  I need to finish HEIOTS, Dearie and Darling and my car project.  All three of these are pretty close, and then that whopper of a quilt top can be put into active rotation with some smalls.

Are you ready for the color reveal?  I decided to stitch the house with Mulberry from The Gentle Art.  It reminds me of the reds from those old Saltbox houses.

Last night I finished up the deer.  I would have liked to have stitched more, but there was some eye strain happening.  

What a thrill to finish the border this week.  It matched up like it was supposed to, and now I just need to fill everything in.

  • Electricity
  • Gravity:  I just saw an in space clip from a female astronaut sharing the challenges of quilting in space.  Wow!
  • Air Conditioning

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.



  1. Congratulations to Daniel! I love your cross stitched top Judy. Your sampler is looking so very good!

  2. Judy, congratulations to your son on his HS graduation. Best wishes to him as he begins the next leg in his life's journey. His Eye is looking incredible; love your house color. I am looking forward to seeing what smalls you start working on smalls.

  3. Congratulations on graduation--a milestone! You are making great progress on HEIOTS--we are always looking forward to and planning our next stitch

  4. How did I miss this post! I actually do know, but yes, that piece would be rather tempting. Congratulations on graduation and enjoy that summer. I retired from teaching a few years back so I know how important those summers are and how quickly they pass.

  5. Judy, I'm so happy I was able to come visit with you. I have been very sick the past two months and I have missed all of my blogging friends so much. Congrats to your son on his high school graduation. What are his future plans?

    I have lots of past posts to catch up but I look forward to it. Hope you have a lovely weekend. And, enjoy your summer off. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever


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