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Monday, November 13, 2017

My Random Life

I would like to say a public "Thank You" to all that left such sweet comments on my last post.   They came in on a day that I wasn't even close to feeling well.  It was somewhere between cold and flu.  I'm on the mend, but remember the encouragement on that Friday.  It was the best medicine.

I picked Polly up on Saturday, and I love her.  My color changes have made me really happy.  Nothing disappears into the linen which is important to me.  Polly now keeps me company up in my office nook.  I love this design so much that I'm already thinking about how I can change her up for the other three seasons.  I'm calling this one Summer.

P.S. If Polly looks familiar you're right.  I put her in Santa's place on Yuletide Welcome-over one.

TheSubRosaDesign (Etsy)
Polly Brown
Linen, 36 count, Edinburgh Ale
WDW threads

The beginning of September had me starting on His Eye is on the Sparrow.  I thought, "I'll have this one done in 6-12 months."  God laughed.    It started well enough.  I'm so glad I dug deep and purchased the called for linen.  Somehow the camera picks up a much sharper mottling than I see in person, and I'm really pleased with it.  Since I always start in the middle I placed my needle there so I dind't make any silly mistakes when getting fabric in the frame.

But, friends, mistakes come.  I had to stitch this tree twice.  Come on girl focus!

The closer I stitched to the bottom of the tree the more nervous I felt.  At this point there was no possibility of denial.   My math was correct, but there were two sets of numbers on my worksheet.  There was design size and cut size.  If I ordered the cut size from 123stitch I'd have this massive amount of linen left over that I may never use.  This is why I avoided buying it.  That and the larger amount was a larger price than I wanted to pay.  In a moment of weakness (weeks later) I saw the design size, got excited and ordered it.  I must have looked at the wrong number before, and now there's no leftovers!  Hurrah!


Fortunately, for me I had not stitched much--only about a day into the project.  At its current state the tree looked like a lamppost, and I'm thrilled to have seen the light early.

So here the frogging begins.  I'm sure y'all love to un-stitch as much as I do (cough cough).

So now I'm left with these gaping holes in my 28 count linen.  Yep, they are still there.  But, thanks to the super heroines at The Attic I have another piece of linen coming my way, cut to size and keeping it company in the package is a skein of orange overdyed floss I will be auditioning for Christmas Garden.  Yes, I know that's not right, but I promise you it will be beautiful when Christmas Garden turns into Autumn Garden.  

September found me in the baking mood again.  I love to make no-knead bread in a Dutch oven--so delicious.  This one was  a black pepper basil.  Unfortunately, the ratios were quite off in this loaf, but the loaf that went to my beloved framer was just right.

Here, I gave into the reality that my pot was not nonstick.  Yes, Judy, you really are going to have to cut a piece of parchment for the second bake every time.  I think this will be less time consuming than extricating the toast remaining on the bottom of the pot each time I use it-sigh.

Several months ago I found and began following a podcast by two sisters--The Baking Podcast.  Each week they discuss a recipe or two sprinkled with lively sisterly banter about their weeks and the process they are going through to begin a baking business while still holding down two full time jobs.  

In this particular week I was listening to a podcast from May and listening to them talk about this amazing muffin.   People would ask for the recipe, but whenever asked if they'd made it the answer was always "no".  After looking at the ingredients it was pretty clear to me.  Almost every ingredient had to be weighed out--including the eggs.  I was not daunted and got out my digital scale.  Sure enough.  That is one tasty muffin. :-)  You may find the recipe and the podcast here.

Mid-September our son was part of a Junior ROTC color guard for a local Welcome Home Veteran event.  I love that he gets to be part of the community in support of our veterans.    It was hosted on the grounds of a local winery, and in one section could be found a display of flags.  

Each one honored a service member.

At the end of the program several parachuters jumped in with various large flags like this one honoring Purple Heart recipients.

The last flag to arrive was Old Glory--over 1,200 square feet.

I know I shouldn't mess with my husband after a long day, but the opportunity was just too good to pass up.  "Hey, honey, the Army has these new berets with built-in antennas so solders can listen to music while they wait."  Then I showed him this picture of our son (smiling on the inside).  Truth be told it was just a pole with attached power lines, but once you see some things you can't unsee them, and we both got a good chuckle.

After the His Eye is on the Sparrow snafu I had to stitch something, so I decided to to pick up the cross stitch portion of a Stacy Nash retreat class at Country Sampler.  My friend Debby had gone and had her finished piece for Show and Tell at a Homespun Gathering in 2016.  I called and there was one left . . . well no anymore (tehe).    This is just one of the smalls I completed before I try to finish them all at the same time.

Then I moved onto Dearie and Darling by Kathy Barrick.  Let's just say this one will take while since I'm not just changing more than a few floss colors.   Oh, this disease of mine.  I think that's why I'm being so firm with myself in not changing a thing on my current project.  Yes, this one is still undone and will be until Current Project is completed.

I must have been in a stitcher's slump because this drum pynkeep I was stitching for a retreat class in October also gave me fits.  I didn't find my mistake until I had almost completely stitched this entire row.  A froggin' we did go.  The drum was designed to meet up in the back.  No leaving this mistake. :-(

At this point I feel like my slump is over, and I'm so thankful.

Stay tuned for more about the retreat.

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.



  1. Polly is lovely. She looks wonderful framed. Your baking sounds delicious. Those muffins are calling my name. What a wonderful ceremony your son was a part of. You must be very proud of him. And I love your new little stitch. Hope you are feeling better. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever

  2. Judy, I hope your feeling much better now. Your son is so dapper in his uniform! Usually I have trees coming out of peoples heads in photos, but the antenna story gave me a good laugh!

    Polly is gorgeous!! Sorry about your miscalculation with the linen, thankfully you realized it fairly quickly. I always start in the bottom corner and buy more because I'm so afraid of running out of fabric.

    Your new stich looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing the progress you make on it. Mary

  3. Oh Judy! What a project to miscalculate on the linen. I am sorry my friend. Your stitching looks great! I am hoping the slump is gone for you also. Get well!

  4. I hope you are feeling better, Judy. Miss Polly looks fabulous. At least you figured out your miscalculation with your linen before getting too far along with His Eye. Thank you for sharing the pictures from the Welcome Home Veteran event.


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