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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Summer's End

Thank you ladies for your sweet comments.  The turtle does not have a name since it is wild and my imagination isn't.  I'm sure someone out there is creative enough to christen our sweet little turtle.

Well, the shelf saga continues.  We did send the Shaker shelf back, and I decided not to attempt buying another one.  The local shelf was finished and picked up by my husband.  I love this family business.  They have been in business 30 years this month, and I'm thrilled to have another piece from them.  Unfortunately, I wasn't clear enough with what I thought I was asking for.  I thought I was getting a completely navy piece with a plate rail.  Sadly, no plate rail and the stain bead board.  Let me say this again.  I take full responsibility for the lack of clarity.  I know how much heart and soul goes into each handmade piece, and it nearly killed me to take it back.  I can't tell you how good they were to me.  I'll just leave it there.  This family is amazing.  I'm just glad these shelves sell like hot cakes.  For the record, my husband and son both like the two-toned look (sigh).

Is it up yet?  Nope, I was so happy to pick up the re-made shelf that I completely forgot to have the piece signed and dated.  It will be Saturday before it stops raining long enough for me to bring it back.  But if there are breaks in the clouds when I'm home during business hours . . . guess where I'm going. :-)

This month I took in Ghoultide (Autumn) Welcome for framing.  I absolutely love the frame.  It's still in the packaging since I've been taking it places for Show and Tell.  Autumn doesn't begin until September 22nd anyway.

Paulette Stewart
Plum Street Samplers
Ghoultide Welcome
Wichelt-Permin linen, 32 count, Lambswool

With a sparkle in her eye (I could hear over the phone) my mother told me she had found some things of mine while going through the closet in my old room.  Honestly, I thought I had cleared all that out 22 years ago when I got married.   Nope.  Of course there were the innocuous things like a sad little tennis racket.  I'm not sure how much use it got.  Doesn't one have to actually make contact with the ball for wear to occur?

The shocker of the day was a few too many letters from several love interests in my single days.  What's a girl to do?  This one decided to have a boyfriend bonfire to destroy the evidence.  Nothing but ashes left, and I feel so much better. :-)  My fire pit is on it's last leg, so I'm really glad she held up for at least this one last mission of mercy.

Were you able to enjoy the eclipse this month?  Mom wasn't all that excited and decided to defrost her mother's standing freezer since the day was so hot.   I, on the other hand, was very excited and had an app that told me what was happening and when--very cool.  The dog was a bit anxious, but the cat was predictably unimpressed

I figured I was safe to take this one with my phone if I protected the lens with my glasses.  I did make sure my phone blocked my eyes from the sun.  Safety first, kids.

Now, what stitcher doesn't want to stitch during an eclipse?  I took full advantage of this and I was able to stitch during the middle of a sunny day without sunglasses or squinting--what a thrill.

I did finish the house, and the only thing that doesn't remind me of dessert is the green foundation.

Speculaas cookie siding
Marshmallow window frames and corner quoins
Licorice window panes and shingles
Black Cherry door and chimineys
And she's done.  I'm still a little confused how a project can be stitched in a month.  When I show you the framed piece in December I'll give you the color changes I made in the siding and reds.
Polly Brown
SubRosa Design
Our Homespun Gathering was this past Saturday. It was a delight as usual--amazing food offerings.  Dutch Beauty even made a much anticipated appearance by one of our stitchers.  That one is in my stash, and It was wonderful to see it stitched up.  She's about 95% finished.  

Cathy had several lovely projects, but this is one that caught my eye.  I could totally do this.  She stitched it to wool with ties on either side.  And . . . it might encourage me to finish another small--not my strong suit.

Okay, this picture will be doing double duty.  I took it without realizing my fuzzy slippers were included.  Anne hooked this rug for a small set of wood movable steps she has at home.  When I grow up, I too will punch and hook rugs. :-)

So, back to the fuzzy puppy slippers.  The meeting room we use at the library is famous for being cold enough to hang meat in the summer.  At our last meeting my feet were extremely cold, so this past weekend I brought my cute fuzzy slippers that have only been worn for Fun Feet Day with my preschoolers.  When I was packing up to leave Cathy very sweetly asked if I was planning on wearing them out to the parking lot. Um, well, no not exactly.  Good friends don't allow friends to wear fuzzy slippers into the parking lot.  

So now that I've worked through the last two projects on the stitching list, I'm finally able to begin my homework for the October retreat in Myrtle Beach.  I'm taking a class on making a drum pinkeep from Beth at Summer House Stitche Workes.  I've desperately needed this, and I feel very blessed to get to learn this skill in person.  I'll also taking a berry making class, but those cuties will have to wait until the drum stitching is done.

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.



  1. Oh so many lovely stitches! Happy stitching!

  2. What a gorgeous shelf Judy. Autumn Welcome looks so perfect!! No. I could not see the eclipse. Clouds. :( Polly is wonderful! And so are your slippers. :D

  3. Judy that is such a pretty shelf. And I love all of your stitches. They are so lovely and time consuming. They are truly labors of love. Great work. RJ@stitchingfriendsforever


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