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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Things Remembered

Y'all, I'm flabbergasted.  My framer called at the end of business on Saturday and said my cross stitch was finished.  Wow, that was pleasantly quick.  I'm in love with the frame.  The picture just doesn't do it justice.

The Sampler Company
Brenda Keyes
Over The Hills Sampler
Wichelt-Permin linen, 32 count, Antique White

Here is a shot of the other two colors of the same frame she posted on Facebook.  I think it's much easier to see the depth and shape of the frame here.  Yes, like you, all I get is Facebook until I pick up my new finish Tuesday afternoon.   I'm not too sad though.  It's enough to know what the design looks like framed.  I think that's what excites me the most when I drop off a design.

I still don't have a place to put it yet.  I've ordered another Shaker Shelf for the dining room (like in the picture below).  Those take about 8-10 weeks to arrive once I've placed the order.  It's on this Shaker Shelf I will be placing my newly framed piece.

Mom always sends a little money for my birthday, and this last May she kept her status as the best ever gift giver.  I purchased this cobweb broom--something I've wanted a while. Not only are they beautiful, but in my woodsy neighborhood we get our fair share of spiderwebs from time to time.   So the broom isn't just a "pretty face". :-)

This girl loves to spend money wisely, and the company from which I ordered the shelf  and broom was giving a 20% discount on orders if I bought any oval box.  Well, no one had to twist my arm :-).  I purchased the smallest painted box they had.  I love it, and look forward to building my red, yellow, blue and green Shaker box family.  For now, the blue box looks pretty where it is but might also get used as a box for thread clippings. 

The larger boxes came from my husband as a Christmas gift.  Last fall I was helping Mom clean out the back porch.  This meant I came home with some very sentimental items like cookie cutters from my childhood.  Many Barefoot Sanders cookies were made with these cutters during the fall and winter holidays.  Of course I needed storage.  Eureka!  Why, I could use Shaker pantry boxes, of course!  "Honey, I know what I want for Christmas."  This box is much bigger than it looks, and my burgeoning baking cabinets where happy the cookie cutters had some other place to live :-).

The top box in the stack hid my Mother's Day gift from our son.  My son and I share the love of dark chocolate, so it wasn't really hard to know what would thrill my soul.  Sadly, the box is now empty.  Probably just as well-lol.

Speaking of Mother's Day. . . My husband did incredibly well.  He gave me this new design, Polly Brown, with the called for fabric and threads.  I'm in love.  Okay, you got me.  I ordered it with his blessing. :-)

Eszter of SubRosa Design is an amazing designer from Budapest, Hungary.  I'm in love with her patterns, and I love that they are digital downloads.  They remind me so much of Stacey Nash.  

You can find a better photo of this design here in her Etsy store.  

The fabric and threads came a few days later from 123stitch.  I did change the pinky reds to a deeper red.  There are a couple of colors missing because I already had them in my stash.  I know the lighting is terrible, but believe me.  The colors are absolutely divine.  Of course, I'm dying to get started, but in true Judy fashion I need to wait until I have finished Yuletide Welcome--sigh.

Here is the shelf where Polly will live during the summer.  She certainly will be more at home than the bunnies.   

I've now realized these ceramic rabbits, my grandmother made my mother when I was a child, are not in the best spot.  Here, you see one of Abigail's favorite cat toys that undoubtedly sailed over the stairs and landed solidly on the shelf below.  I may or may not have caught the yellow bunny calling realtors the other day.  It might be time for a pre-summer move.

Two things I happily thought would be true about Yuletide Welcome.  
One, I would skip stitching in the banner.   Two, there would be no design changes like Ghoultide (Autumn) Welcome.  Well, I will definitely be filling in the banner-bummer.  Sadly, I couldn't wrap my brain around Santa, so guess who's made a design change.  I love the change I have chosen, but to get the new motif to fit, my needle and thread will be stitching over one on 32 count.  Stitching over one, how I love thee [shaking my head "no"].

I'm about half-way through my Couch to 5K (3.1 miles) training plan with Heidi.  We are greatly blessed to have a mostly tree covered Greenway in my area.  It makes running in the hottest part of summer even possible.

But even with the cooler route I will need to begin putting on the cooling vest on Heidi now that it's above 80 degrees.  At some point I'll need to bring her collapsible water bowl with us, but right now she drinks while I stretch and start the air conditioning in the car.  :-)

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.


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