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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Up Until Now

Oh, dear.  It's been four and a half months without a peep from me.  I'm planning on giving you the Reader's Digest version.  This post will be a bit picture heavy and will be followed by a part two.

Tennessee had yet one more wacky winter.  The Persian Lilac was blooming about 3 weeks ahead of schedule, and that can't help but make me smile.

We have only one boot store in my town, so we went there in March to get a new pair of boots.  I wanted them brown, functional, beautiful and with a toe that could thread a needle.  I told this to the shop girl, and she brought me to these.  They were perfect.  We paid for them and walked right out the door.  Shoe shopping has never been this easy for me.  I'll show pictures later.  To celebrate the purchase, and to have the first date in a long while, we went to a local restaurant.
Waiting in the trunk

I haven't a clue what I was eating, but it's always fun to take a picture of my husband taking a picture of his food.  I think he does this so he can tag a co-worker who always tags him at restaurants.

But, seriously, this was the most important part of the meal--chocolate cake. :-)

The end of March found me completing my first piece of the year.  It is a freebie from Lori Brechlin.

It was time to start working on the quilt again, so I did.

Until I realized I was about 6 blocks short to complete the main section of the quilt.  BREAK TIME.  

Did someone say break?  Yes, my friends, after 54 years of faithful service one of the bobbins finally broke while making my second quilt.

What? How are you working on a second quilt?  Didn't you just take a break from the first one?  Um, yes, but then someone (don't know who) decided to throw a baby shower for a sweet lady having her 4th baby.

So off to the quilt shop I went for fabric, some direction and a little courage.  God bless those quilt shop owners.  I think they wear super hero capes.  This is the lap quilt we came up with.

Chunky Halves Pattern with Moda and French General fabrics
In April we were blessed again to win the company trip.  This year the location was in Costa Rica and the local area did not disappoint.  

Let's just start with the plane trip down.  Dramamine now makes me extremely sleepy.  This is not how I want to feel on a plane full of strangers, so I looked for another solution.  This year I decided on trying Motioneaze.  It is a combination of natural oils, and it works fantastically.  There was no motion sickness in spite of some bumpy moments and no negetive side-effects.

We flew Southwest, and I think I found my new favorite airline.  The flight attendants were very nice, no carts up and down the aisles for snacks, and no assigned seating.  While waiting for everyone to board I noticed a bag that made me giggle a little.  I'm hoping this wasn't based on passenger history.

Getting a snack was as easy as taking orders and then coming back with whatever you desired.  For me it was coffee.  The little heart topped stirrer was a nice touch I thought. :-)

 One of the blessings of a window seat during the day is the views.  How I love those views.

Yes, I know this is out of order,  but I don't want to forget to show you this volcano I saw just north of Costa Rica on the way home.  It's the smoking mountain in the middle. 

Of course, I needed more than coffee for a pleasant flight.  My new project was Plum Street Samplers' "Yuletide Welcome".  I had hoped to stitch and listen to podcasts or a book, but that was a little difficult with earbuds.  I'm thinking I need to invest in a pair of noise canceling headphones.  The whooshing of a plane was much louder than I remembered.  

When traveling I like to stitch an area I don't need the design for.  The roof was perfect on the way over.  I was sitting next to the window and had great light.

I think what surprised me the most was how many people were interested in and appreciated what I was working on.  I left the home thinking my husband's co-workers and traveling companions are going to think I'm an old lady before my time.  These are modern business people, and I think like an early 19th century woman.  

Before getting on the first plane I had already found a fellow stitcher.  This wife of one the employees had to stopped due to Parkinson's Disease.  While on the plane, the couple in the diagonal row behind me wanted to see what I was working on to ooh and aah over it.  How could I possibly know where to stitch?  The lady had done cross stitch as child.  She had lines on hers to tell her where to stitch. I'm sure it's obvious to you, but it finally occurred to me she was working on a printed pattern not aida.  Both the man and woman, both young, thought the pattern was beautiful.  Of course I think so, but I never expected this reaction from my husband's company folks.  There were more oohs, aahs and appreciation as our travels paused in Costa Rica and on the way home.  

I have learned a lesson not to prejudge folks' tastes in hobbies, etc.--again.  I also learned to bring a much smaller design for the plane.  I placed it on the Rolaframe sideways just so it would fit in the space of my airplane seat.  In spite of that I always felt I was taking up too much space.

One of the things that excites me the most about these trips is the surrounding nature.  I have just fallen in love with the trunks that weave up to the branches.

 This tree was probably one of my favorites for its yellow blooms.

 I never loose excitement over seeing a new species of bird.
 Beautiful branch structure as we left to go home.

I'm kicking myself for not getting up with the sun earlier, but 5:30 seemed a little difficult.  The last morning I met two siblings I named Costa and Rica.  What entertainment they were.  There was lots of play fighting and chasing you'd recognize with kittens.  The resort is on a nature reserve, so  there is nothing to be done about the wildlife.  Fortunately, it didn't seem to be overrunning the guests or staff.

I had great fun watching this little guy.  Squirrel?

I am not a morning person, so my DH graciously agreed to get room service.  The first morning he got the Costa Rican Breakfast.
 I, on the other hand got something off of the healthy part of the menu because I liked all the ingredients.  Sadly, this also meant almost no calories--sigh.  Well, I had my coffee.
 This isn't what I ate that first day, but it's comparable to portion size.  I clearly am a slow learner.  Good flavor though.
   This girl couldn't get enough salad, and my new favorite dressing was the basil mayonaise--so yummy. :-)

With all this food it was time for a walk along the beach.  It's kind of a tradition with us.

 No, I don't think I can help it. I see a tree and I want to climb it.

You know when the staff hands you a map as soon as you arrive things might be a little challenging to navigate.  I finally took a picture with me phone, so I wouldn't need the map.  It wasn't holding up well with the humidity.

A little gift shop humor. :-)

 No, I didn't go home with him, but isn't he just adorable?
No trip to Costa Rica would be complete without a little crafting.  DH was such a good sport. 
 This was way harder than cross stitch, but I did get there with lots of laughing and smiles. :-)

For every activity there must be balance so we hopped on our four wheelers and drove up to the ziplines.

 What a beautiful sunset on the way back.

I did get a little stitching done outside.  With the heat and humidity most of my little Xs were completed in the room.

Another tradition of these trips is horseback riding with my hubby.
 I realized too late I shouldn't have been holding onto the saddle horn so tightly. I am such a Blister Queen.
Still having fun--blister or not. :-)

Until next time count your blessings-God's gifts to you. 


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  1. Wow! You two are so blessed. Glad to catch up with you Judy. Thanks for taking me along to Costa Rica. Awesome.


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