Homespun Gathering

Sunday, January 1, 2017

We Gather Together

Where has the time gone?  It's been over two months since my last post, and instead of trying to stuff everything into one post I'm going to spread it over a few.  I hope my blogging family has had a blessed last couple of months.  I've kept myself busy with creating, teaching, and family.

I do enjoy decorating for autumn, but I still have minimal decorations for the season.  I know you're wondering why I have a pillow propping up the top of the quilt chest.  I thought it was time to air out the new furniture scent.

Of course Abigail couldn't resist.  I'd like to say she landed square on the top and stuck the landing.  She didn't.

I found this while switching our Autumn for Christmas decorations.  Bummer, I would have loved pulling this one out.
Curiosity began to brew during the change over.  I have a stack of four pantry boxes on top of the Shaker shelf.  I know what is in the top box because I use it, but what were in the other three?

The bottom box holds some of my maternal grandmother's spools.  I have used one of the large spools to hold my scissors.  They were constantly getting stuck to my needle minder.  Those two spent so much quality time together the scissors had become magnetized.  These spools are absolutely priceless to me.
 The next box holds an acorn I picked up a few years ago, an apple eraser and a salt/pepper shaker I purchased from Cracker Barrel a few years ago.  The apple eraser dried out, so I tossed it, but the other two items are safely tucked back into their box for next fall--if I remember (lol).

 Box three holds a pick and a dowel used for my dulcimer.  There is also some floss for one of those days I actually hemstitch a cross stitch project.
Yes, I know the last one is empty.  I like to put floss clippings in it.  My glass jar really is too big for travel, and this is just perfect. 
The end of October found us at a DH's boss's wife's birthday party.  She absolutely LOVES Halloween, so the party was dress up.  I'll admit it.  The thought of shopping for a costume gave me the willies.  I completely punted, and we cowboyed up.  My man now has his first western shirt and cowboy hat.  Not bad for an Iowa boy.

In Other News . . . 

Occasionally, I'm responsible for getting our son to school in the morning.  My husband usually does it on his way in to work, but occasionally he has to leave much earlier. There is always a little eye rolling and groaning from this non-morning person when I find out.  I don't mind doing it, but waking up early enough to be alert is key.  It works out pretty well neither our teen or I feel much like talking in the morning.  It never fails.  I am always blessed by the gorgeous morning skies as the sun rises.  This stretch of road is my happy place with all the trees and undeveloped areas.  Now this is definitely a blessing.

Morning Drive in Old Faithful
We are drive your car until it doesn't drive anymore people.  Several months ago Mom started to mention it was about time for David to get me a new car.  HUH?  Mom, my car is only 14 years old.  Your's is 25.  I should tell you that My parents were the same kind of drive your car until it doesn't drive anymore people too.  She didn't mention this once but twice.  The second time she mentioned that the car I had wasn't known for it's longevity and she couldn't believe it still was on the road.  

Okay, God, I get it.  Maybe it's time to look for a new car.  My car had taken me so many places, and it still started and drove.  Well, it did until October.   It was doing crazy stuff, and I refused to drive it.  That was the reason I driving Old Faithful in the above picture.  We took it in and had some work done.  The same thing started to happen again but worse.  Yikes.  My husband drove it until he could replicate what I was telling him.  

I had been researching for the last several years.  I knew exactly what I wanted, and when I had found it in town we checked it out at the dealer.  NOT as advertized.  We left it and began looking on Car Max's site.   I had a very specific list, but found it.  Before we had a chance to transfer the car someone else swooped in and had the car transferred.  It was hard to let the car go, but if it was supposed to be my car the car would come back on the market. It did.  The car is 6 years old, but you would think it was brand new.  It's last owner took really good care of it, and I will continue loving on her.  She will be a pampered, garage kept and an absolutely loved Honda Accord.   
One of the first places I took the car was to the farm.  Mom gushed, and I don't think she'll be suggesting car shopping for a while.  Good news since I can think of a million things more fun than shopping . . . like changing the tire on Mom's wheelbarrow.   

 The tire was so old it had dry rotted.  I am famous for overfilling wheelbarrows.  They get so heavy that the tire will pop and let all the air out.  Mom needed a new tire, and so did I.  Ours needed a new tire or for me not to use the wheelbarrow.  Mom doesn't accept help (involving money) very well, so I have to get creative.  This time I told her it was a birthday present from Dad for what would have been his 84th birthday.  She seemed to accept that.  
This new tire will never go flat.  Originally, flat-free tires were solid rubber.  Sure they weren't intimidated by a nail and couldn't go flat because Judy overfilled the wheelbarrow, but they had the bounce of solid steel making pushing somewhat difficult.  Eventually, someone reinvented the wheel and we got a solid, pneumatic tire with trillions of tiny air pockets trapped inside a polyurethane foam.  AHHH, my happy place.  Strong and Bouncy--joy! 
My generally encouraging mother encouraging mother is also a realist.  Before the tire change began she brought out the wrenches and reminded me how she had already tried to get the bolts off even after soaking them in lots of lubricant.  Nothing.  She wanted to be sure I new she was happy for the help, but there was no way the bolt was coming off.  The more she told me it couldn't be done the more determined I was to get the best of this bolt.  Several minutes into the process I described what vice grips were and she brought me a couple.  You can't see it in the photo, but the challenge was the carriage bolt.  This is the hardest kind to unscrew when frozen.  The head is smooth so no type of screwdriver can be used to loosen things up.  I ended up putting a vice grip on the threads and another on the nut.  We'd already sent up a few prayers at this point, but long story short the new tire is amazing.
At this point I'm in need of some grease monkey goop.   
Mom very sweetly brought me some.
Once my hands were clean I went to work on the car.  She was hoping I would check tires, refill as needed, check oil and transmission fluid.  Oki doki.  Done.  Like I said Mom's 25 year old car is OLD, so these things were not all that hard.  I love my mother's sense of humor.  She was so excited to tell me one day that the "smobile" part of the car maker's name on her car had fallen off.  Now, it just said "OLD" just like her car.  She's hysterical.  

All three of us children would love to see her in a newer car, but we all know (including Mom) that the safest place for her is in a car she can see in and doesn't have to think to hard to drive.  That's this one.
After mechanic duties were completed we walked part of the property.  I always enjoy visiting the family cemetery.  The cemetery belongs to the family that originally built the house where Mom lives--not ours.  Incidentally, the man (decedent) and his wife that are interested in clearing out the cemetery and restoring it visited that day.  It was good to get to meet them and talk a little history.  The wife is actually related to us on my Mom's side.  They've visited before, but I'd never been there to meet them.
Our next stop was in the larger field where my brother would fish when we visited as children.  The pond no longer exists since a sinkhole popped up and drained it.  
Back at the house she wanted me to enjoy the fire from the wood I brought for the wood stove.  We've got at least three more truck loads, but there isn't much of a hurry since she has a good stockpile right now.
So the girl who is supposed to be working on a quilt started another cross stitch project.  When I told my mother she just belly laughed and told me it was okay.  I have floss in my viens--or something like that.  I would get to the quilt when ready.  For now cross stitching makes me happy.  Other than  extended procrastination the  official reason was the last Homespun Gathering for the year coming up.  Note the large area needing filled in.  I have found I make far less mistakes when all I'm doing is filling in.

Have you identified the design yet?

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.


  1. Hello Judy,

    Happy New Year ... and in your car too LOL
    The Shaker boxes with the memories are beautiful!
    It's a lovely new pattern that you're stitching. No idea who the designer is, to be honest ;)

    Have a good day!

  2. Your little squirrel pin pillow is adorable. ♥ You two look great in your hats. :D
    CHS Heaven and Nature Sing! ;)


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