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Saturday, October 15, 2016

She's Home!

That's right.  My quilt chest is home.  A couple of years ago I saw a antique mule chest online and fell in love with it.  I figured even if I could find one I'd never be able to afford it.
Oh contraire, mon frere! Several weeks ago my husband and I swung by a local shop that specializes in making furniture and other small wood items.  My husband agreed we could just go ahead and have something made, and this is what we came up with.

The inside of the drawers had to be a bare minimum of 40" to accommodate the new millennium frame my husband gave me for Christmas last year.  There is nothing worse than the bowing of most scroll frame types over a certain width.


As you can see, there is about 3" to spare.  I would love to cap the ends off with the bar parks.  Sadly, they are awaiting stock, and it's probably going to be a while.

I love the stain for the interior.
Look a little closer and you will see Carolyn in the shop signed and dated it.  I love this family, and I love this shop.  Click on the link for a taste of all the eye candy.  This new site is only about a month old, and they are building it a little at a time.  If you are curious about the variety of things they have to offer check out their FB page.  Yes, they ship! :-)
Abigail keeping an eye on the big red box as we figure out what to do with it.  I nixed the original furniture placement plan.
Both drawers have a job.  The bottom drawer will hold frames and misc. stitchy things.  The top drawer has been tasked with holding quilting tools.  Of course the chest portion will hold my current and antique quilts.  I'm letting the paint cure a little more before I put any type of decorations on it.  

There are a couple of drawbacks to the current placement of this chest.  The scale is a bit off with the Shaker shelf.  I think when I get some simple decorations up on the the chest that will  balance things. 
 The drawback that's really concerning me is the vent on the far side of the chest.  Yes, we have a diverter on it, but I'm considering modifying the diverter so no or almost no air is hitting the chest.
Sadly, this is the best solution right now in the entire house.
It's fall, y'all, and that means the cat is more than ready to be back outside again.  We live in the mid south, and this cat is only interested in going out in early morning or after sunset during the hot summer.  This year this was hotter than normal with double the days over 90 than average--80 some I think.  

Abigail was begging to go out this nice cool morning the other day.  Do you see the object of her affection prey in her sights?

Without her leash I'm pretty sure she'd be getting us some venison.

But not all animals are snacks to feed her hunting instinct.  They other night I came out to find her soft pawing this little guy.  He didn't see to mind and just sat there.  Huh?
Do you see him now?

Here's a better look.  Honestly!  I think they are friends.  I've seen them hanging out together two separate nights since the shadow boxing incident.  This is one patient critter.

Speaking of outdoors . . . our living room opens onto our back patio.  When we put the cat out at night during warm weather there are door prizes that come in when she comes back in.  Usually it's only a moth or two, but this particular night we must have gotten 20 or 30 of these little buggers.  Of course the first place they wanted to hang out was my Ott light and the stitching.  

I'm working on 32 count, and the insect on the cat I'm stitching is about the size of a full cross.
I killed about 15 of them before I met my match.  Mighty "Moth" had drunk way too many espressos, and I just couldn't catch him.  I'm sure he thought it was hilarious as he brought decoy flyers for me to take out before flying away.  Finally, I just turned off the light and put my stitching away.

I wanted to show you the progress I have made on the bottom of my current project.  As I write this the diamond "border" has been completely filled in.  Cats have been added to either side.  The flower centers have been filled and the leaves are all there.  There is a surprise all stitched under the cats, but you will have to wait for the full reveal.  I have decided to stitch our wedding date at the bottom of the heart.  I just didn't feel like messing with iStitch any longer--for a little while anyway.  Why iStitch?  Well, I'm not completely following the pattern.  [GASP]  It's really going to be okay.  I promise. :-)

The bride's eyes are nearly finished, and when filled in she will be done.  I'm a methodical stitcher and I like to use only one color in several places at a time, so DMC ### will just have to hang tight for now.  When my stitching tote gets messy I get a little crazy.  Crazy stitchers drop needles and run with scissors.  Don't let your stitching tote get messy.

I've made some progress since this shot, but you can see I'm getting close to the end.

Before I leave I just wanted to share a sweet story.  I teach Sunday School on Sunday in the same hallway I teach preschoolers during the week.  The preshooler I have on Sunday is in another preschool class during the week.  The last school day before Fall Break the Mom brought by these two beautiful roses.  Her son had wanted me to have them.  Her son has a lot of energy, but I can't help but love him to death.  I see his energy as a gift.  The Sunday before was a little more character building than typical as the result of another child I'm patiently working with.  But, this rose giving child seemed not to notice what was going on around him.  He DID notice all the fun he had and told his mom every detail.  This, my dear friends, is the grace of God.  What a blessing he is.  God is so good.

 I should tell you I am not a fan of roses or the smell that can give me a headache in larger bunches, but these roses have just melted my heart, and I love them.

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.



  1. What an awesome quilt chest! Your sampler is looking so very good. You sound like quite the methodical stitcher Judy. ;) Those are some special roses for a special teacher!

  2. Love your antique look chest. A wonderful piece of furniture and perfect for your stitching pieces. So nice to see the deer in your area. How funny for your cat and the frog to be friends! Happy Stitching and Happy Fall.


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