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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mondo Bag

Today I packed my bags and headed to the quilt shop.  This month's Bag Ladies class taught the Mondo Bag.  My stitching speed was in the top 10% of the class before lunch, but after Sewing Fatigue set in, and I was drawing on my ability to put my nose to the grind stone and get each step completed.  In the south we say "getterdun", and I did.  Class was from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00, and I finished up around 5:30.  Some left without completing the bag, but our teacher told us she would stay until we had all gone.  God bless her!  There were a couple of other ladies still sewing away when I left, so I didn't feel so bad.
the lining with sneak peek of inner pocket

A closer look at the outside of the bag

All done. :-)

 My husband and I lived in Japan for three years.  We came home with an 8 month old and good friends I thought I may never see again.  I am happy to say after 16 years I was able to reunite with one of those friends, and this week she taught me how to make a beautiful Mondo Bag.  I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have that connection again.

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.




  1. Hello Judy,

    Your bag is beautiful! And wow, that instrument next to it is beautiful too ... and intriguing ...
    That must have been a good 'meet again'.
    Thanks for your prayers for Jenny & have a good day!!!

  2. How fun to have that friend teach you this bag. It is really neat!

  3. Hi Judy
    What a gorgeous bag.
    I could never get the speed or the straight stitches of a sewing machine so I opted for hand sewing. Wishing I could machine stitch better because I see so many beautiful things I'd love to have/make.


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