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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Beginnings

I began a new cross stitch project on July 1st.  The new project was no surprise, but having every color called for was.  When working on a design with multiple colors I've always needed something.  Before going into the store I was telling my husband that I love having easy shopping access to DMC, but I hate  having to squat down in the store to find it.  My Hobby Lobby has always kept it down toward the bottom.  This meant duck walking from side to side looking for your favorite colors.  Well, there's a visual for you.  I walked into the store and found it in a different aisle taller than it was wide--sheer heaven.  I also found different crafts sprinkled in along the aisle--cool.  Time moves on, and today was a good day.
I may have had all the colors, but some would run out quickly.   My floss purchase is resting on the 32 ct. Dirty Linen from Zweigart called for in the design.
July 4th evening was spent with Mom, so after picking up the floss, and supper, we headed out to the farm hopping to out drive the rain storm coming in.  By the time we arrived there was rain and lightening, but not enough to cancel our fun.
After a light supper we had Spingerle cookies and ice cream.  I couldn't help but make a an ice cream sandwich out of mine.
Going into my stash for this new cross stitch project turned into pulling a few things.  Any guesses in who came to visit?
Wanna play?

Play never stops with a paw under the door with Abigail.  She must investigate.

Any guesses what my new project is?

Meanwhile Abigail has finally tuckered out.
At this point things were going swimmingly with Love Never Fails by Barbara Ana Designs.
But, then I moved on to the leaves and stems.
It was off by one which wasn't going to work or I would have left it.
So, I ripped it out and stitched it again to find the same end point (different mistake area)
So, I ripped out to the mistake and re-stitched.
Let's just say that this may be the mistake-filled design, and the one that will build my patient easy going nature.  :-)  I'm really taking it in stride though.  I've said for a long time it's the mistakes that make a project perfect to me.

How do you stitch your pants on?  I like to stitch mine one leg at a time.  If you have stitched this design you will know that I have changed the coat color from black to blue.  Her dress color will be the same blue--DMC 3750.

 There is only one place my task light can go in my living room, so I have switched my chairs and my couch for better stitching support.  The cushion is great in this chair, but the arms are wooden and too high.  This means I'm back in the frame.  I learned with the last project the stand squishes my linen and threads making them shiny.  My solution is a clean rag.  It's not the most beautiful solution, but it works well.  

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.



  1. Hi Judy - well I have to agree with you about the thread being low at some stores.
    Wow, lots of colors for your new design - I like what I see so far.

  2. What a lovely new project! And your cat is hilarious, hanging over like that :)


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