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Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Is Here

It feels like I've been gone forever from Blog Land.  Looking back I'm realizing I was a little busy.

Cross stitching was supposed to have ceased until the quilt was completed, but once I started this stocking on vacation in April . . . well, not complete a pattern has never been a strong suit of mine.  I realized after stitching a couple of motifs the yellow Vonna from The Twisted Stitcher used in her CHS stocking just wasn't going to show up on my linen.  I'll have to rip those out later.  I decided to go with Classic Colorworks Fool's Gold.  The CC Wild Berries and Manor Red are working really well.

Carriage House Samplings:  Quaker Sampler
Of course, every project must have a bit of a nail biter section for me.  If you look at the two motifs to the left of "E" and "F" you will see they nearly meet.  I tried to figure out where the three lines of distance between the two went, but I'm guessing it happened sometime after I ran out of Wild Berry floss.  I chose to keep stitching with the Manor Red until more Wild Berry arrived.  Since I couldn't rip anything out and nothing touched I ripped nothing out, and left it alone.  I've been actively working on my perfectionism for several years now, and this is a very nice outcome. :-)  There was a time a mistake like this would have thrown me for a loop.

In other news, preschool wound down for the year in May.  There is nothing like beginning each year with 12 more of the cutest kids on the planet and watching them learn and grow by leaps and bounds. I am so blessed.

Vacation Bible School just finished this Friday, so my house is in need of attention.  There is only about a week from the time I transport all my school life home and I start getting ready for VBS.  VBS is exhausting for most of our church's volunteers, but this year I actually took a nap for about an hour on Friday until a robocall woke me.  For a non-napper this was significant.  The theme for next year focuses on space, and I know it will be a huge blessing as well.
My desire to run more and further this year wasn't going very well in April, so I decided to challenge myself to 40 miles in May.  This meant I would need to run 3 days a week to attain my goal.  It was double April's mileage, but I was excited and up for the challenge.  Toward the end of the month the trees and rocks on our local Greenway began cheerfully greeting me by name as I strolled by.  I realized it was time for some different routes.

The heat in TN has definitely ramped up, so early morning or sunset runs are about all I can manage without the tree cover of the Greenway.  I attained my goal in May, but there was a bit of a monkey wrench thrown in.

Here is a road leading out of downtown  I thought it might make a fun 4 mile route.  Not so much.  The sidewalks are deplorable.  Imagine cutouts everywhere for driveways/roads, uneven pavement sections, and many sections it looked like someone had dropped a gigantic bowling ball on the sidewalk for fun.  I just had to run this route one time to realize it wasn't for me.  A running friend and my chiropractor have in the last two days confirmed my assessment of the sidewalk.  About a minute after I finished my run I felt Runner's Knee in my right knee.  Between 40 miles in May, the uneven surface and some hills I think I was asking for it.
I'm slowing down to only 30 miles this month unless illness or injury kick up.  I just love this old building I found on another route downtown.  I got completely excited when I saw the building advertisement.  The history lover in me gets weak every time I see an old building with advertising artwork on it's walls.

I had a birthday last month.  Since my mother has exquisite taste, she just sends a check.  This year I purchased a teapot from Victorian Trading Company.  There are matching cups and saucers, but for now I'm enjoying the pot.  Tonight I'm treating myself to Cinnamon Apple Spice tea. from a china cup and saucer.  Usually, I purchase cross stitch patterns, floss, linen, etc., but this year I'm supposed to be quilting, so a teapot it was.

Tomorrow I need to take the blue berry tote in for repair and put all my cross stitch items in the red tote.  Somehow the handle has gotten loose and the wood stripped inside.  There was a manhandling incident a few months ago that may be to blame.  Note to self:  If the tote is hard to get in the bag it might be harder to get out (smh).  Fortunately, the makers are local and probably just need to replace the handle.
aforementioned loose handle

a rare occurrence
I will leave you with these goodies.  Mowing the back yard a couple of weeks ago I found these two beauties in the middle of the yard.  I think they're what we used to call smoke bombs.  I was hoping to bring them into my preschoolers before the year ended, but it just didn't happen. It's just as well.  I really enjoyed adding them to my collection of natural objects around the house.
 Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.


  1. Hello Judy,

    Your stitches are beautiful! And so is the teapot!!!

    Have a good day!

  2. Your Quaker Sampler is a beauty. That Biscuit advertising is so cool. I keep going back to read it again. What a great teapot!


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