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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Today I Went to Prison

Yes, you heard me right.  Today, I went to prison, and it was all for a good cause.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle TN partnered with Tennessee Dept. of Corrections to put on a 1.5 mile walk/5K.   This was the third year, and I'm hoping I'll be able to run it again next year.  I'm also hoping it's easier.  I don't ever remember a 5K ever taking this much out of me.  This slow runner was hoping for a sub 30:00 (min.) this time, but with lungs full of mucus, stiff winds and high humidity/intermittent rain I was thrilled with a 30:30.  I know I gave it all I got because I was completely worthless for 7 full hours after finishing the race today.  This is a highly irregular reaction to a race, but I was glad to have the opportunity.

Today at the closed (1992) TN State Prison
If this building looks familiar it could be because you have seen it in The Green Mile or The Last Castle.  Sadly, it has deteriorated significantly.  I would love to see it rehabbed and opened to the public for tours and a history lesson, but it still belongs to the government, and that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

BBBS raised $8,000 for this event, and I'm really happy for them.  My husband has been a Big Brother of an elementary student for the last few years, so when he sent me the 5K info. a few weeks ago I jumped on it.

What the weather was like yesterday and about 2 hours after the race.

me and my road crew

this year's shirts
after race treat
fantastic race volunteers

Company Trip to Mexico

My husband works for a fabulous company.  Each year the company owners take a portion of their profit and take about 20-30 employees (plus one) to a resort in some place warm and beachy.  This year it was Cabo San Lucas.  Most people take a spouse, but others bring siblings or a best friend.  David's numbers earn it, but we feel incredibly blessed by this very generous gift each year.  I just wanted to share some pics from the trip with you.

Abigail hoping to go.
The view to the right of our balcony.

As ye sew, so shall ye rip.
I had planned on stitching on the plane, but Dramamine now makes me very sleepy.  Same box of pills didn't bother me last year, and I didn't catch on until the day we left when four very caffeinated cups of Mexican coffee weren't making a dent in my droopy eyes.
I really should have brought my running shoes.
The food was fantastic, and I just fell in love with the dishes at the Italian Restaurant at the resort.

Humility Shot at the Mexican Restaurant at the resort.

DH as we wait on the appetizer.

Gorgeous Full Moon
Nice Surprise

The coffee was absolutely amazing here.
Yummy Sea Bass over an incredible  risotto.
They say quilters see quilt patterns everywhere, but needle workers see patterns of all kinds.
This would make a wonderful cross stitch border.
I see a Hawaiian quilt pattern in this one.

There is so much we experienced that I haven't even shown you.  These trips always inspire me to be a better person.  This year I have come back inspired to appreciate those who provide a service for me more than I already do.  I have inspired to be a better cook.  My commitment to getting and staying healthy has been renewed.  One thing that surprised me was getting to see the positive way I interact with my kiddos at school and church.  I purposely get to know each person and uniquely modify what I do so I can best help them.  Wow, seeing this reflected was powerful.  How do I know this?  I have read it in teacher evaluations, the words of my children, and the notes from parents.  Yes, I've read it, but I'd never experienced it.   I now know what it feels like, and I'm more determined than ever to continue this ministry.

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.


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  1. I hope you are breathing easier now? Good for you and your husband! My brothers had big brothers growing up. A great program. I have never been to Mexico. Looks fantastic!


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