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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hostage Stand-off Over

It's been 7 1/2 months, but today I finally put in the last stitches of the date on Ghoultide Welcome from Paulette of Plum Street Samplers.  As I was finishing it felt like this project that has held me hostage for the last few months has finally let me go.  I'm FREE!

Here are a few notes on my changes in case you are interested.  I got the iStitch program in the last year, and it really does make wording a whole lot easier.  I changed the name to "An Autumn Welcome" and added a shortened verse in place of the "Stitched by Section".    One of these days I'll use iStitch to design and stitch a full sized project, but now too many other things are on my plate.

The witch and her broom were changed out for the little lady at the bottom left of Brenda Keyes' Red House Sampler.  I was looking on my walls for inspiration and found it just to the right of my stitching spot.  Red House was my first project on linen even weave.  I was shocked how see-through it was compared to the cotton even weave I was used to.  I panicked a little but stitched those first few stitches with trepidation.  Soon I had figured out how to be a sneaky stitcher and hide or work around threads that normally would have traveled.  Everything shows under looser linen weaves.

Another 5K

I ran another 5K last month.  I actually trained for this one, so there was very little walking.  Did I place? Nope :-).  What I'm holding in my right hand is a finishers medal.  At this stage I'm only running races where a finishers medal is lovingly given to me as I cross the finish line.  I realize that's probably a little shallow, but this year is my shallow year as I am increasing mileage.  How far I don't know, but it will definitely be between 5-10 mile training runs.  Much more than that I don't have time for in my schedule.  This race benefited the local USO.  Grateful for the Army Band ensemble as we runners made it up that last hill at the end.  HOOAH!

What was I thinking?

I decided over a year ago I wanted to start quilting.  I went online and found a Double Irish Chain that reminded me of a green and white Triple Irish Chain someone in my family made nearly 160 years ago.  The pattern I found and downloaded was from a Fons and Porter's For the Love of Quilting NOV/DEC 2000 issue.  What was I thinking?  This pattern's instructions are only about 3 pages long.  If I'd been wiser I would have found a Eleanor Burns book for the "same" quilt, but before that dawned on me I had already purchased fabric--and maybe started cutting.  I have basic sewing skills and YouTube, so here we go. 

Typical patterns would have you cut fabric for all the squares in the quilt top.  Not this one.  There were about 80 little squares that needed to be appliqued onto the quilt.  Since that wasn't going to happen I had to create a pattern to see how I was going to cut out the pieces and piece them together for the quilt top.  I intend to hand quilt this one, but more on that later.  Did I mention in earlier posts that I've never quilted before?  I'm not daunted and am giving myself until Christmas to finish this.  I've also told myself no stitching unless I'm trapped in a car or plane on a long trip or stitching with my needle and thread friends at our occasional gatherings during the year.

Until next time count your Blessings--God's Gifts to you.



  1. Good luck on your quilt. My first quit was a king size Thimbleberry quilt. Took what I thought was class that would actually show me how to do this. Turned out to be a 45 minutes commercial once a month to sell me more material and quilts. I watched a LOT of Eleanor Burns and managed to get the quilt done, along with another one. You can do it!! Quilt in a day was a great, learned more from her than I would have ever thought.

  2. Congrats on the Autumn Welcome finish, it's absolutely terrific. Congrats also on your runs. I know lots of people that only run races if there is bling. Nothing wrong with that!
    Good luck on the quilt. I admire your attitude. I'm sure it'll turn out great!

  3. Beautiful changes! What a gorgeous sampler. Good for you. I jumped in with quilting several years ago, and occasionally quilt. It is wonderful!

  4. Your sampler is very, very beautiful, a great finish!

    Good luck with the quilt!!!

    Dutch greetings, Carolien


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