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Friday, January 1, 2016

On the eighth day of Christmas . . . (And in other news)

My true love gave to me
The “eight maids a-milking” - the eight beatitudes.
What a blessing it was to see one more year through with family and friends.  We brought it in as a family with food and a movie.  We didn't eat this cranberry and pistachio bark.  I was still waiting to add dark chocolate on top when I took this picture.  This morning the chocolate was spread, and I broke it up and put it away.  Hopefully someone will eat it.
At midnight my husband begrudgingly but sweetly went with me as he lit the second annual floss ball afire in our fire pit.  It seems nothing will keep me awake until midnight like flaming floss.  The bits and strands come from the previous year's leftovers and trims as I have stitched.  These leftovers are kept in a jar for safe keeping.  Last year's floss ball was not burning very well, so this year I decided to add an accellerant.  I had the perfect one underneath my bathroom sink.  Hairspray.  I soaked the strands before my husband lit them.  It was glorious.

 Ashes ashes
Dust to Dust
For fiery floss balls
Stiching's a must

We spent another Christmas at Mom's.  She's getting older, and it's becoming harder and harder to plan and execute gatherings the way she used to.  This meant she had us come for potluck snacks instead of the main meal.  Of course, I brought way more than I needed to, but the coconut cake was what I'd hoped it would be.  I found a channel on YouTube I love.  I baked the cake along with the host and had so much fun.  You may find that video here.  I remember coconut cakes as a kid, and still love them.  My mother and grandmother never made them, but my cousin Christine did.  She took that recipe to heaven before I ever thought to ask for it.  Finding a decent recipe has been a long haul.  This one will get written down and added to my favorites.  Two things I've learned.  This cake is really, really tall, and won't fit under the cake dome.  It's really, really big and so full of calories that I needed to freeze it.  Okay, one more thing.  When it popped a frozen slice in the microwave for 30 seconds and took my first bite . . . oh my goodness.  I need a moment.
What was left after eating at Mom's
No smoke, just mirrors.

Saying Goodnight
The weather was wet and very warm leading up to Christmas.  The fronts were a bit fast and furious.  Add a full moon on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning and a fresh tree with ornaments our poor Abigail was caught up in all sorts of behavioral craziness.  She doesn't do this often, but I found her taking a nap here until she heard the camera.
After a few days of crazy I couldn't seem to find her.  Oh dear, she could be anywhere or stuck somewhere.  Before I panicked I snuck a peek inside her kennel.  She had finally chilled out enough to take a deep nap.  Believe me, as soon as the camera left she was back in Napland.
This year I learned something about our tree skirt.  We need a new one.  She's 3 1/2 years old but still mostly kitten.  I had to remove the tree skirt after noticing her chewing the small round beads off for a snack yesterday.  Well, it used to be a great place to catnap--lol.
Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.


  1. We always spend Christmas day at my mom's also. Nothing like it. Happy New Year!

  2. I love your floss toss fire! I think I'll try to collect all my bits for a fire for next year. I have an amazing coconut cake my mom used to make made with buttermilk. It's dense and very high in calories, too. I wonder if it's the same one you found? Love your 12 days progress!


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