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Friday, November 20, 2015

Stopping Place

 I have come to a stopping place.  It appears this is as far as 5 yards of six strand floss will get me on 32 count.  I've decided to order 11 more skeins to finish the project.  There should be left overs, but I'll use those on the stocking for which I originally purchased the floss.

The black scarf belonged to my dad.  He died five years ago this December.  I think it's a scarf only my dad could love--to wear anyway.  I found it quite itchy, but it works perfectly to cover up lighter colored pants.  Without it draped over my lap I just can't see the holes in my linen.  It's like having a little of my dad with me as I stitch.

This morning I made another batch of cookies for Thanksgiving dessert at Mom's.  I'm really hoping we don't get uninvited again this year.  No, it's not like that.  The year we got uninvited two of the three of us were quite ill, and Mom didn't want us to share.  I'm almost convinced our son came home with the flu Wednesday afternoon--all the right symptoms.  He fought going to the doctor due to a busy school week, and there was no fever Thursday morning, so we let him out of it.  He was still sick, but off the hook. Now my hubby is all sniffly.  

I've already made the turkey, deboned and made half the stock.  DH bought one of those pterodactyl turkeys for big families, so I have to make the stock in two batches.  If worse comes to worse I can leave them home with some turkey and rice soup and go eat with mom . . . that is if I don't catch it too.
Ginger Cookies with Dark Chocolate Chips
My Circa Home Living Magazine came today, and I almost missed it.  The stamps.  Those coffee pots are just gorgeous, don't you think?  I think my post office might be holding out on me.
Lots of wonderful eye candy in here, and it just makes me happy to window shop.

One of the reasons our son didn't want to miss school was this big concert his high school honors choir was doing with another choir in our school district.  The concert was in a wonderful Methodist church next door to ours.  The acoustics were fabulous for the choirs and orchestra made up of high school, local university students and local musicians.  We heard pieces from Vivaldi, Handle, baroque, Renaissance, etc.  It was absolutely wonderful.  We are so blessed to have a musical son who loves music as much as we do.

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.

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  1. I am having the exact opposite problem stitching right now. I am using white underneath my black linen.
    Get lots of rest and drink lots of water.


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