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Sunday, October 11, 2015

We Gather Together

I once was lost . . . 

At the time of the last blog post my decorations seemed to be lost in our bonus room.  Friday, I took some time to dig deep and find them.  I don't put up a lot of decorations, but I do like to put a few things up.  After some head scratching I found them nestled beneath the Christmas decorations.  Normally, I wouldn't have patriotic stuff mixed with decorations for this time of year, but I've got some stitching aunts coming in a couple of weeks, and they want to see all my cross stitch.  So, for now, they're out.  I like to add a little whimsy somewhere in my house.  This time it is the pumpkins dripping down the clock. You may think of them as mice running down the clock or little pumpkin "children" giggling and laughing as they slide down a hill.  A pumpkin roller coaster is another option.  Whatever you choose I hope it causes you to smile as it does me.

This year I learned not to leave wax-wrapped battery operated candles in a very hot unfinished bonus room (no drywall or central heating/AC). They melted and cracked.  The leaking batteries had to be replaced. Fortunately, I had thought to place the batteries safe and sound in a separate plastic bag.  I feeling very blessed their bad sides can still be hidden giving me at least one more year of joy.
My favorite pumpkins are those that don't rot before I'm finished decorating two months later. :-)
I had the house on a stand the other day.  I was surprised at how much stronger my tension was stitching top to bottom.  When I stitched left to right there is a whole lot less daylight peeking through.

PHEW, almost through!  Well, with the house anyway-lol.

The squirrel cushion comes from Hands of Hope Needlework.  You can read about this wonderful organization here.

This berry tote has a new job. Before Friday it held my stitching needs.  I purchased a new blue berry tote that now holds those things. This one will now hold Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas decorations.

Nothing seems to get past this one.  I took this photo about 15 seconds after I saw her "investigating" the newly filled tote.  Of course, now she is pretending as if it never happened. :-)
Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.

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