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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Run, Judy, Run!

This past weekend was the annual Go Commando 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon.  Last year was my first year running it.  I've been out of the racing scene for a while and didn't know about it until I saw my cousin had signed up for it last year.  Ironically, I'm the one who inspired her to run when I was marathon training 16 years ago.  She now runs very consistently, and I seem to need a race to get motivated-lol.
And we're off!

Team RWB.  Each team runs with an American flag.

There was a smidgen of confusion which participant's medal I had earned.  Fortunately my race bib cleared it up.

I'm still teaching my hubby how to focus the camera, but I do like the anti-age setting.
Here's my cousin who is the one who introduced me to this race last year. 
My faithful roadie--my hubby David

Olympic gold medalist in track, Wilma Rudolph,was from Clarksville and Clarksville is mighty proud of her.  Here she is on the Wilma Rudolph Event Center.
 On our way home we saw the biggest riverboat either one of us had ever seen.  Turns out the American Queen is the largest riverboat in the world.  I took this photo from a red light.  We stopped in and spoke to a sweet 93 year old man.  He said the cruise was from St. Louis to Clarksville with stops in between for sight seeing.  I was still in my race gear, and he shared his daughter had been running the Boston Marathon the year of the bombing.  Fortunately, neither she or her roady husband were at the finish line yet.
 I couldn't help but love these hydraulic smoke stacks.  They remind me of a cross stitch designer, but I can't lay my finger on which one.

The three buses were there to take the passengers from the boat down to Nashville--their last stop before going home.  I guess they were flying, but I didn't ask.

So why in the world do I run without anything chasing me?  The answer is quite simple.  I run cause I'm a runner (didn't say fast), and it allows me to sit on my franny for hours upon end to stitch and other sedentary activities.  I had not been running/training for this race for two months before I ran it on Saturday.  There had been back and upper respiratory issues.  I knew it might be a challenge, and I wasn't disappointed.  I'm grateful I only added 2 1/2 minutes to my last time.  This was a great race where I didn't look at my watch once.  I didn't walk once.  I didn't look at the clock coming into the finish line once.  For me this was huge--well, not the walking but the rest of it.  Coming soon to a blog near you:  The Ugly Sweater 5K in December.  I may not be as fast as I once was, but I'm incredibly blessed to still be able to run on my own two feet.
Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.

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