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Saturday, October 3, 2015


It has been eight days of hard work on Ghoultide (Autumn) Welcome by Paulette Stewart.  It's the largest house I've ever stitched.  I'm determined not to drag this one out, so I've been stitching like a crazy woman to get it completed.  I realized a little late that my DMC 730 is two different shades.  DMC changes shades from time to time--drives me a little batty.  I knew there was a difference a year or two ago when I was stitching on a Brenda Keyes sampler.  She uses 730 in most of the samplers I've stitched.  The change over happened between the fourth and fifth scallop on the top left row.  It doesn't really show up here, but it would in the thick line of 730 below the house.  I chose to unwind the old green from the bobbin and toss it in my floss jar.  It's a little wasteful, but I think using it would ruin a beautiful sampler with a jarring color change.
I've always had a difficult time staying up to midnight the last night of the year.  I saw somewhere that a stitcher lit her floss bits at midnight in celebration.  Somehow (with some coffee) I was able to do the same last year.  I loved this new tradition, but I'm realizing Cotton Floss isn't as flamable as I'd like.  I'm thinking of dousing it with some "lighter fluid" this year as part of the celebration.  Just gonna have to procure some first.
Floss Jar

After eight days of stitching--coming along.

 My new Wedding Sampler arrived in the mail today.  How exciting!  Every designer packages designs a little differently.  Barbara Ana prints on both sides of the paper and gives you her design two ways. You can stitch using symbols or color.

Today is cold and dreary, so I decided to make the most of it.  I've lit my Pumpkin Spice candle and made a steamy cup of Mandarin Orange Spice tea.  If you look closely enough you can even see the steam rising above the cup.

The sampler in the background is one by Brenda Keyes--Heaven Doth Ask.
I called my husband yesterday to see how his day was going.  With a smile in his voice he asked me what I was doing besides pinning new cross stitch patterns to my Pinterest board.  Huh?  About a year ago I put him on my board so he wouldn't have to think when it came to gift ideas.  I didn't realize he would get an E-mail for every pin . . . oops.  I have a cross stitch wish list just for patterns I love.  For other things I leave pictures and links.  This way my DH doesn't have to wonder, I don't have to be polite, and I don't have to declutter later.  When the gift is unwrapped there is a deep heart-felt squeal when I see what he's chosen.  When we first got married it was a vacuum or a stand mixer.  I still have and love the stand mixer, but I've moved onto things like Shaker boxes and noodle boards--things that support my hobbies of needle arts and cookie making.

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.

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