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Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Blessings

Pantry Box

While at Shaker Village a couple of weeks ago I picked up a little pantry box.  I couldn't resist the perfect size for travel projects in the car or while away.
 I love that this maker signs his work.
It is a single 0 size, and all that is left to collect is the 00 to top off my current tower.

Birthday Boy

Our son celebrated his 16th birthday this month.  Each year I ask him what type of cake he'd like.  I wanted the one he remembered me making dear "old" dad about 8 1/2 years ago.  I told him I could make it all but the iris on top since they only bloom in April.  He was okay with that so onward and upward I went.  Let's just say this was a four hour cake and most of that was the custard style mango butter cream frosting.  There were 8 yolks, one pound of butter, 2 cups of sugar, and one cake mix sacrificed in the process.  I regret using a mix, but the men in the house didn't seem to notice the Vanilla Dome shape--esp. after I lopped off one of the domes.  Next time I listen to my gut and go with the tried and true Perfect White Cake recipe from IAMBaker.  DS16 said he remembered the cake being a lot bigger.  Probably, he was a lot smaller. :-)
Loving the look of a fort to protect our star.  Perfect for a Jr ROTC Cadet.

How many cookie cylinders would you like?
It was National Cat day this week, so I couldn't help but post this.  On of my dad's sweet sisters couldn't make the trip to see Mom, so she very sweetly sent a box of goodies.  Abigail loved the box, and I loved the contents.  I definitely need to get a thank you note out on Monday.
My Dad's youngest Sister and her husband were able to make the trip.  They live several states away, so I rarely get to see them in person.  This was a huge blessing to get to see them.  They spent part of the day with me. I took them to a couple of local places  to antique shop and shop with primitive/colonial style goods made locally.  It is a family business that has been open for over 25 years.  Afterword they had lunch with me--Curried Butternut Squash Soup, Black Pepper Biscuits, Dark Chocolate Pot de Creme.  Okay, enough of that.  I'm now hungry.
My Aunt the Happy Shopper

Oh how I love firkins!

This table is now next to my bedside in its forever home.
I love the Lone Star pattern.
The happy couple in my favorite store.

Trunk or Treat

Each year my church (as do many others) hosts carnival style games in the parking lot.  After each game is played the children receive a couple of pieces of candy.  This year ours was held inside due to very wet weather.  Our family was very happy to help out.  Our son worked the desk for the preschool side, and my DH and I worked a fishing game.  What a blessing to get to reach out the community each year.
Our fantastic Preschool Director and I at the end.  Notice grins of joy.
Abigail very rarely gets on the couch or stays there when we put her there.  What a treat to have her hop up for a few hours while I stitched on National Cat Day!  Do you think she knew?  What a wonderful blessing amongst all the other October ones.
 This little church was originally purchased as a Christmas decoration while we were stationed in Japan. It had always reminded me of the church my father pastored while we lived in upstate New York.  When he passed away in December 2010 I didn't feel like taking it down, so it has lit up every night for the last 5 years.  I told my aunt the story, and she loved it so much she wanted a picture she could frame to help remember Dad.  This was one of them.
Here is my current progress on "A Ghoultide Welcome"  by Paulette Stewart.  I feel so blessed to have figured out how to use iStitch to change the words.  The change allows me to still love the design and share my love for all things autumnal and Thanksgiving.  They fit very well into the space I already had.  I also feel very fortunate one of the Brenda Keyes ladies from a former project fit very well with the verse.    Believe me, there is now a huge sigh of relief.  There is a story behind her, but that will have to wait until later.  There will be a couple of other changes as well, but I will leave those until I get there.  I'm really going to love this piece when I'm done.  I'm just hoping It's before winter begins.
Until next time, count your blessings--God's gifts to you.

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