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Friday, October 16, 2015

International Week

I feel incredibly blessed to have a cat who still thinks she's a kitten.  To the right of the picture you will see the spot where Abigail attempted to climb my cross stitch frame like some stairs-lol.  Fortunately I was there to catch it before it hit the floor.  Lesson learned, and now she sits innocently on the foot rest.

This has been my view most nights lately as I stitch.  There is something about her beautiful long tail hanging nearly to the floor as she is peacefully draped next to me.

This has felt like International Week for me.  My cousin on my dad's side has been doing some family ancestry research.  Growing up we rarely lived near any extended family.  I remember hearing my first tidbits of family history when I was in middle school.  My father's father came over on the boat from Germany when he was a baby.  German roots--very cool, but that's really all I knew. Over time I learned my mom's family came over from England in the late 1700s.  In the last year or so I'm finding my dad's mom's side comes from Norway and The Netherlands (one of the Hollands?).

All of this new information has caused me to do some
YouTube research on these areas.  I had liked them already, and now I'm in love.  I've begun doing food research too.  I've decided to make a Netherlands focused meal of split pea soup and dark rye bread for lunch when my aunt and uncle (her hubby) visit next week.  Of course there will be apple strudel and molded cookies to represent both the German and Dutch side of our heritage.

This is a new type of green tea I know I will enjoy.
In the middle of this a doorbell rang unexpectedly.   A package had come all the way from Japan. The outside said tea and crackers.  Knowing the package was coming from Japan I knew it wasn't Lipton and Saltines.   Akiko San was a teenager in the chapel we attended when we were stationed in Japan in the late 1990s.  We tried meeting this past March, but a snowstorm closed the airport.  We are very blessed to call her a friend.  I now have an address.  I just may need to send her some cookies in a month or so.  Though springerle and speculaas never go out of season in my world.

Sweet note with fish flavored crackers.
Yes, I do believe that is a real leaf on the crackers to the left.
Until next time count your many blessing--God's gifts to you.

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