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Monday, October 19, 2015

Family Fun Day: Destination Shaker Village

 Anytime I take a daytime car trip an hour or more you will find me with my needle and thread.  My husband and I have even joked that roads should be color coded:  perfect for stitching, hang on but you can do it, or time for an eye break.

This past week our school system was out for Fall Break.  We decided to take a fun family trip out to South Union Shaker Village, so my husband took Friday off from work and we hopped into the car and headed to KY.  What I love about the drive is that it mostly travels through beautiful farmland and a few small towns.  One town is Russellville.  Don't blink.  You'll miss it.  The homes are older and stunning--a definite treat for the weary eye.  Soon we arrived at the village, and I couldn't put my needle down :-) while my hubby went into the visitor's center.  Just a few more stitches while I stretch.
We enjoyed walking through the buildings there.  This village is much smaller than the Pleasant Hill Shaker Village.  At Pleasant Hill you may stay in a Shaker style room, eat at the Shaker restaurant, tour many more buildings and enjoy a much richer experience with the varied events they have.  We went a few years ago on the weekend set aside for music.  There are about ten Shaker Sites and museums in the northeastern section of our country.  The quietness and simplicity is a huge draw for my family and I.  One of these days I'd love to visit the villages in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.
What is it about white pitchers?  I just love them.

Fall view from one of the windows

Our son was opening just about every closed door he saw.  He said something about secret passageways or bodies.  Bodies?  Clearly this is the world of a nearly 16 year old boy.

Through the Window

Broom corn straw ready from broom making. 

This cistern was fed by the rainwater coming from the roofs of the buildings.  It was fed by a system of downspouts no longer there.  This water was re-purposed for laundry tasks.
The quaint gift shop filled with artisan wares from local people

Here is the selection of sheep the last time we were there.  The selection has diminished for sheep, and now there are less smaller pieces and more larger pieces such as the llamas.

I'm hoping the one on the left is under the tree this Christmas.  I just love the expression on his face.  Don't you?

Here is another love I left behind this trip.  I can just see it decorated with cross stitch.
Family photo with a timer.  The antics of pressing the button and running like a wild woman to get into the picture was worth the price of admission.

My hubby is such a romantic, so of course we had to eat at "my" castle before heading home.
Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.

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