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Friday, August 28, 2015

Special Delivery and Specialty Fibers

Grateful, Thankful and Blessed
by Brenda Gervais
I was reading blogs at the beginning of the month and ran across a new design from Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle fame. I barely got through the rest of the post before sprinting past the comments and going directly to Country Stitches to order my pattern.  It arrived recently, and I'm excited to have it in my small stash.  Yes, there really is such a thing.  There is no time to stitch it now, so it will sit for a while.

Why so excited?  First, the name is an expression of how I view life.  I love many of the Halloween designs I see, but I don't celebrate Halloween.  I absolutely love fall and Thanksgiving, but there aren't nearly as many of those designs out there, and most of those designs are not quite my design style.  After a couple of years of searching Brenda created this beauty.  It hits all the design must haves for me and I'm thrilled.

What do y'all listen to while you stitch. Typically, the television is my background. Stitching has allowed me to watch sports with my husband on occasion.  I gotta be honest.  A bunch of athletes running around a field puts me in an agitated catatonic state.  My husband is amazing and doesn't watch sports too often, and when he does it's usually the Bears or Cubs, and most of the time he'll watch it in his office. He's a keeper. :-)

My aunt got me started on Jennifer Chiaverini's quilt series, and I'm totally hooked.  There are around twenty books including a cookbook.  My sweet Aunt sent me the cookbook, so one of these days I'll be making apple strudel the cheater's easy way--with store-bought phyllo.  I listen while I stitch because the story line and writing is so good, but I'm also using these audio books as "quilt washing".  I'm mostly teaching myself to quilt and I'm just a little bit chicken.  The more I listen the more courage I get.  Hopefully soon you will see some progress posted.  I've got the borders cut out (wide enough for modifications), but now is the time to cut out the pieces for the main section of this Double Irish Chain.

I leave you with my favorite source for specialty fibers.  She is rather fastidious, so they are always impeccably clean when they arrive in my work.

 Very little can distract her from her work--unlike me.

 . . . OOH! BUG!?!

Until next time, count your blessings--God's gifts to you.

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