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Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Beginnings

I've felt I would write a blog for the last five or six years, but the time was never right.  Today I tip toe walk boldly into the world of blogging and share my blessed life with you.

One of the things that brings me joy is cross stitching.  A few years ago money was tight, so I began searching the web for finishing ideas for small projects.  In this search I found horn book finishing which led me to an amazing woodcarver who makes wooden butter and cookie molds.  You can be sure there will be a post on these molds as cooler weather arrives.  

These beautiful stockings designed by Kathy Barrick of Carriage House Samplings captured my heart when I saw them.  I began with Sampler Stocking and then moved onto Noah's Stocking.  Do any of you have fear of cutting into linen?  I am so grateful I got past that.  My heart still palpitates when I have to cut into linen using something other than a square or rectangular cut.

Over the last 30 years my stitching has changed from Aida to evenweave to linen to scary (for me) 40 ct. linen.  I'm in my 40s but my eyes aren't, so when I began stitching on these projects I exchanged contacts for glasses and donned my readers.  I still stitch 40 count this way.

Speaking of 40 ct. I should be finishing up a small piece in the next couple of days I will share with you.  Until then, I am grateful for stitching.


  1. Hi Judy - I found your blog because you left a comment on my blog and I thank you so much.
    Welcome to blogland - it is a big 'land' indeed and I'm sure you will get many followers as time goes on.
    I just followed you and will put your blog in my list on my sidebar.
    Here's a blog you may have come across - I think you will get many tips and suggestions from here.
    Marly is her name and she has this blog:
    Go on over and read on down her posts and see what you think...she's a wonderful stitcher.
    Your two stockings are just beautiful.
    I used to do counted cross stitch many years ago but the eyes don't like it anymore.

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comments, Karen. I have followed you for years. I have followed many for years. Sadly, the introvert in me makes it difficult to initiate replies. I'm happy to say I'm getting better about that.

    Marly's blog is a joy. The prankster in me makes me want to send her a bag of Dove chocolate from time to time, yet I behave--lol. Her pears have been a favorite, but I have stitched several other of ther freebies. It was Marly, more than anyone, who inspired me to offer freebies (upcoming). Now I just need to figure out how to use that iStitch program. :-)

  3. Your stockings are beautiful, gorgeously done!
    Welcome to the world of blogging, it's been a lovely 10+ years of blogging for me and I have met so many kind and faithful friends. I hope you and I may become friendly too! Thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. Welcome to blogging, Judy. Thanks for coming by Mugwump Woolies. These two stockings are are so brave to tackle these ambitious projects on 40 count! Hope you will stop by MW often and I look forward to getting to know you. Your kitty is gorgeous!

  5. Love your sampler stockings!!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments. It always brightens my day, and draws us closer as a community.