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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blessed with a Chance of Clouds

Partly Cloudy:

As I have driven around town this week I have been in awe of the clouds and blue skies.  There has been no rain to speak of and with high pressure and low humidity it not only feels amazing here in TN but the skies have been incredible.  I'd have taken some pictures on my way to pick our son up from school, but I've not learned how to safely drive and take pictures at the same time.  Believe me.  The views were beautiful.

Cloudy Vision: 

Wednesday night I thought I'd put in a few stitches on Lori's new freebie (Not Forgotten Farm).  I couldn't understand why my readers weren't doing the job.  Normally, this is an issue on 40 count.  No worries I'll pull out a magnifier.  No, the arm isn't long enough.  I went to replace contacts for glasses and saw the problem.  I've decided it was some sort of infection.  There is a couple of places it could have come from, but no contacts for two days seemed to do the trick.  The eye was pretty red where you could see it, but the area above the iris was much worse.
I'm happy to say I'm feeling much better now and my vision is no longer cloudy.

Soft as Clouds:

My stitching group gathered at our local library yesterday.  I knew this, but didn't make the connection I still needed to make something for the potluck.  I feel like I cheated by making a loaf of bread that morning.  I don't know if anyone but  me had any, but my son was more than thrilled the bread came home nearly intact.  I think there are three slices left, and those may be gone before he goes to school.

Cloud-Nine Date Night:

I left the gathering a bit early.  My husband and I attended a formal work-related event at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center last night.  The gala is always good company with a wonderful meal, fabulous entertainment and an amazing silent auction to benefit TPAC.  There is a little something for everyone at the auction.  The theme each year reflects one of the TPAC performances, and this year it was Motown.  I wish we could have stayed a little longer, but there was a long drive ahead of us and an early morning today for regular church activities.
I dislike shopping and shoe shopping in particular, but I do believe I hit the jackpot here. :-)
DH and I before heading to Nashville.
Until next time, count your blessings--God's gifts to you.

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