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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


As promised I'm writing a much more joyful post.  Each year my husband's company takes its employees on an all expenses paid Leader's Trip to someplace warm, beachy and restorative. It's an earned trip,  but the numbers to hit are never unrealistic.  When we left Nashville it was cloudy and rainy.  This doesn't really bother me since once you're above the clouds this is the view.  

Last year my plane project was manageable but a bit large, so this year I took a biscornu.  It was all going so well until . . . 
Let's just say there was some frogging involved, the floss got stuck, and next thing I knew the needle I was using was behind me with two really big guys who were probably none the wiser.  Eventually, I told my husband and our slap happy selves were having a hard time stifling raucous laughter.  We did look for the needle after the plane emptied out to no avail.  So, if any of you find a tapestry needle on a Delta Flight it's mine.  I have lost two needles in my entire 35 years of stitching,  and both have been connected to these Leaders trips.

Well, drat, y'all!  I didn't bring a spare since I NEVER need one. 

 The travel agent for the company comes with us and works out all kinds of events, tours, etc.  He's a really great guy.  Last year he added an assistant, Chris.  It was Chris went and found me a sewing kit that wasn't obvious in the gift shop.  That is an act of service I won't soon forget.  We went on the economy a little later to see if the pharmacy had a larger needle.  It did, but it was still a sewing kit.   

After we got to our room I opened the second kit I was carrying with MaPH and EUREEKA.  I had a spare needle.  At this point I'm oozing with gratitude.

The next day found Mr. HH and I relaxing outside with ocean waves and nature.  I, of course, was stitching along while hubby watched documentaries on Mozart, Beethoven or something.  We were both happy as clams.

Manor at Peacock Hill
Brenda Gervais
We had a great spot.  The breezes coming through felt like air conditioning.  Here you can see the marketing guy taking pictures of the local birds.

like this one

When we got back Mr. HH had a recording session with the Nashville Praise Symphony.  It's a charity organization that plays for free.  Any monies given as a Love Offering go 100% to the organization they are supporting that night.  My husband is currently a sub as a French Horn player.  Auditions are held every three years.  This summer is one of those, so he is practicing on something he called The Buzzard to keep his emboucher (chops) strong and up to snuff.  Of course you could barely hear what he was playing, so no one was any the wiser.

Looking outside our balcony one day I couldn't believe what I saw.

A paddleboat!

In Mexico?

Is the captain lost?

Thursday was my husband's birthday.  He's had a bucket list desire to swim with Dolphins.  There wasn't a place where I could just watch so I stayed back at the resort while he was Trainer for a Day.  He was so excited I don't think he even missed me.

Someone in the company squeeled shared with the staff that it was hubby's birthday.  Mid afternoon a young lady showed up with this white sash for our door.  I tried to explain to her we weren't newlyweds like the five or six other rooms on the floor.   Turns out it was just a birthday sash.   A beautiful birthday dessert would arrive later.  How sweet.

The afternoon brought in T-storms with a soaking of rain.  I love rain and T-storms, so of course I was as close to action as possible out on the balcony.

As expected the storm is moving west to east.

Eventually everything was covered up in rain.

In case you're a new reader, my husband was to soon return after this photo was taken and would tell me our son had been in a roll over accident and was at the hospital.  Fast forward to now.  The car was totalled but has been 100% replaced within the amount we were given.  The insurance folks were awesome.  Medical bills taken care of 100%.  Our son is making a full recovery with the regular and nearly complete chiropractic visits.

We are incredibly blessed.

After returning I was surprised by a little girl at church with a special gift she made with her grandmother.  I teach the little girl in Sunday School and have taught with her mother and grandmother.  They are such kindred spirits. 

I will treasure this doll for always and forever.

I was able to bring one of hubby's gifts with me on the trip.  It was a key fob that opens the gate to the good dog park in our town.  The two others are open but not as nice.  You have to have proof of certain shots to get it.  It was worth the hassle of gathering the paperwork from a multi-owner dog.  Next time won't be nearly as difficult.

My birthday is four days after my husband's, and he got me an antique sampler on Ebay.  Yes there is a vertical stain down the center of the sampler, but the dark spot at the bottom is the reflection of my ceiling fan.  This 1850 sampler came from an estate sale and looks to be done with wool floss.  I'll ask at the Gathering this Saturday.  Those ladies have more than one sampler under their belts. 

At some point I'll have her reframed by my framer, but until then I've only cleaned the brown dirt off the glass.  Pretty sure Eliza was kept in a barn or a shed.  No matter.  I love her. :-)

It has now happened to me.  My cat has used my stitching as a pallet bed, or she tried anyway.  The frame was still in my lap, so I ousted her.

Upside down is sometimes just easier.  

All done.  :-)

Manor at Peacock Hill

My Blessings,
  • the strength and ability to do my own yardwork
  • a phone for me and her so I can call my mom anytime
  • gas stations with available gas

Until next time Count your blessings--God's gifts to you. 


Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sunday Stitches

When last we met I was taking a break from His Eye is on the Sparrow.  What I didn't tell you was this.   She is on a 40" wide frame and wouldn't be making the plane ride to Cancun.  I also told you the next time we met I would share the house color.  Well I picked it, but can't for the life of me remember what it was.  My best guess is Mulberry or Cherry Bark, but we'll have to see.

A couple of days before we were supposed to come home our son called.  He had been in a rollover accident on his way to a JROTC awards ceremony.  The car was totalled, but he was wearing a seatbelt.  Someone saw it and called 911.  DS called Dad on a borrowed phone.  

Dad called a friend who lives about 2 miles from the accident.  This friend took pictures of the car before and during the towing, took DS to the ER and stayed with him while they ran scans, took care of the pets until we could get home, and he and his wife took DS to their house until we could get home the next day.  The accident was on a Thursday, and on top of the ER visit our friend took him the next day to his first chiropractor visit to our family chiropractor.  

Looking back through the pictures our son went through a small tree, missed a steel power pole by a matter of feet in the singles digits, took out a barbed wire fence and landed upside down in a ditch.   Wearing a seatbelt certainly contributed to walking away instead of a far graver consequence.

I can see the hand of God all the way through this:  protection, no other cars involved, witness to call 911 until DS could find his phone and a level headed friend to get him through the initial stages until we could get home.  

Insurance?  Again God has been incredibly good.  What they have covered was more than we expected, and they aren't dragging their feet.

I was working on Manor at Peacock Hill on the trip, and I just need to finish it before going back to HEIOTS.  I need that closure.  Peacocks in the motif world stand for vanity.  What a great thing to think about.  Am I giving my best self as a parent?  What can I do to improve?  We are not guaranteed the next minute. 

We're doing okay.  DS has a couple more adjustments this week.  We're all kinda working through this, but the worst of it has worn off I think.

I'm ready to talk about something a little less heavy.  So next post I will share a little from our work trip.  Until then I'll be focusing on finishing up MaPH.

Things I'm thankful for:
  • seatbelts 
  • friends in the valley
  • cross stitch to help me work through the tough times
Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Stitches

Well, it's been a very low production week this week.  I'm not giving up, but I will taking this week off from His Eye is on the Sparrow.  It should all be revealed next post.

You know what else will be revealed?  The house color.  That's right.  I have choosen to throw the color key completely out on this one--tehe.

Things that bless me:
  • suede work gloves that fit
  • wheelbarrow tires that don't go flat cuz you KNOW I'm going to overfill the wheelbarrow.
  • potable water

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.


Monday, April 16, 2018

Sunday? Stitches

I had fully intended to post Sunday Stitches yesterday, but I knew I would be more awake today.  Did I stitch?  Of course I did.  :-)

I've been looking back on my progress, and here is where I was 2 months ago.

last week

The stitching of this verse was very special.  I have spent my fair share of time teaching special needs children to write.  Part of that process is across the table as I guide their hands in the formation of the letters.  The letters are rightside up for them but upside down for me.  That is exactly how I stitched the verse--very special indeed.

this week

I everything below the verse finished?  Not quite.  I ran out of Brethren Blue.  As soon as it comes in I'll finish up my little birdy.

There has been a little redecorating on my YouTube account.  The photo is still cross stitched but now looks like this.

It is spring here in Middle TN, but of course the dogwood and locust winters are still hanging on.  There was light snow falling as I sat in my yellow dusted car (pollen) waiting for our son to get out-cool.

Does anyone else have a hard time buying presents her husband?  Well, I hit the jackpot last Christmas.  Not only was it something Mr. HH would enjoy, but it was a clutter free gift.  Two Saturdays ago he finally cashed in his second gift of the same type from Groupon.  He got to drive a really fast car along a course in a parking lot, and got the ride along with the driver who turned off all the safety switches and burnt just a little rubber.  I went with and nearly froze that Spring afternoon.  It was crazy how bundled up I was for a Spring afternoon.  There were high winds and beautiful snow.  Nothing accumulated--just really pretty.  :-)

Speaking of cars.  I was at it again with the scones.  Our son was planning on making dessert.  His thinking was a berry compote, on top of Hawaiian rolls and topped with homemade whipped cream.  I cringed when I heard the roll part--even if they are sweet.  I made him scones.  I've not seen the other elements yet, but the scones are nearly gone-lol.  

What does ANY of that have to do with cars?  Maybe it's just me, but I swear I see a scone parking lot.

Would you like the recipe?

Here it is . . . straight out of my recipe box.

Heidi was really trying to act cool, but she has been really Jonesing for a scone.  Sorry, kiddo, no people food. :-(

Speaking of Heidi, we have learned she'll play fetch if we used the right toy.  She prefers anything soft.  Daniel, bless his heart, was playing fetch with her a few days ago.  Let's just say his throwing is worse than mine, so this is not a mid-air shot.  It is where the bone got lodged.  Whoopsie.

I went to Mom's last Friday.  The plan was to go to Lowes and buy a new push mower for her, mow off what I get to with the riding mower and have some lunch--not necessarily in that order.

One of the first things she asked me after getting into my car was if it had a name.  Well, I've decided to call it the Blessingmobile.  It's a great reminder I should be a blessing to those who I come into contact when I arrive.  I don't want to give anyone cause to roll their eyes when I arrive.  Mom liked the sentiment, but she suggested the name Matilda would be a nice name.  Hmm, I do too, so now the Blessingmobile is also known as Matilda.

On our way to town we pass by a home with these adorable little alpacas.What joy I feel everytime I see them. :-)

This photo has been taken of the southwest portion of my mother's property.  Do you see a dark spot with trees around it?  That dark spot used to be a pond with a single tree.  My brother used to fish there when we were kids and visiting my grandparents in the same home my mother lives now.    

Eventually, the pond drained and a sinkhole opened up.  I noticed several weeks ago the shape reminded me of a heart.  I love this land. I love the people who have lived on it, and I love getting to spend time with my mom who now lives here.  We are blessed.  

Things for which I am thankful:
  • love of history
  • the internet
  • technology that allows me to mix the two
Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.


Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Mary was hoping for the scone recipe.  After 10 years, I didn't dare send it to her without re-testing it today to make sure it was the right one I had talked about.   

Well, Blog Family, I tried posting this in a tab.  No success, so I'm going to post a picture from today.  You may find the recipe here.  Enjoy. :-)

Things I'm thankful for:
  • butter
  • clean running water (hot and cold)
  • purring cats

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.


Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sunday Stitches

When last we met this was my progress on HEIOTS.

Considering the 95% better eye strain, I think I'm coming along very nicely.  I'm a nose to the grindstone kinda girl so slowing up has been a lesson in character development.

Two weeks ago Monday I decided not to wait for the chain saw, so I started taking down the ornamental crabapple with a hand saw--lower branches only.  Of course none of that can stay in the front yard, so I drug it to the back woods and finished the bits and bobs with a rake. 

Only about half the 25' tree came down that day, but I was really loving the love note I found inside. :-)  Sadly, this tree can only be ordered in the fall, so I'm leaving the other half until then.  When I get the Email telling me they are back in stock I'll take the rest of the tree down and extract the root.   The new one will go where the current one is planted.

I did a little baking a week ago.  I was pretending we had smellavision while watching The Great British Baking Show.  The recipe for Snickerdoodle Scones was a dud, but the show was definitely more fun.  Back to my tried and true scone recipe.

I've now finished the first side of my biscornu car project.  Who knows how long the other side will take, but I need the frame, so maybe I'll just finish the cross stitch real quick and FFO it later.

Things I am thankful for:
  • handrails
  • gas stations
  • our pets

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter

I wanted to take a small moment to wish all y'all a very happy and blessed Easter.  I will be stitching this Easter Sunday and continue with my regular Sunday Stitches post next week.

Until next time count your blessings--God's gifts to you.